Every Organization is Unique (HR Coffee Time)

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Every Organization is Unique (HR Coffee Time)

Every Organization is Unique
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Hello everyone!

Starting from January 2018, I will be writing some of my posts in English on yetenekyonetimi.co. I usually write about management, human resources, talent management, hr trends, sometimes hr marketing and employer brand, etc; and also I share a book review every week - but all of these are in Turkish. I have never tried writing in English - until today.

I plan to write on the same topics I mentioned above, usually 3-4 paragraphs once or twice a month and I am going to name these posts "HR Coffee Time". 

Here is my first post:

As technology moves forward, a lot has been changing in our lives. 15 years ago, HR professionals were talking about operational and strategic human resources. Today, they have many different things on the table. Nowadays, if you search the internet for “HR trends", you will find many articles about these popular topics; digitalizing of HR, cloud based HR systems, candidate experience and employee engagement.

Technology makes everything faster, but not always easier, I think. When a company decides to build a system, designing and fictionalizing it, are two important processes. Design must be unique to the company itself and flow must be thought from beginning to the end. For example, if a company wants to redesign its recruitment process to get a better candidate experience and to reach talented people; sector, size, current profile of its employees, location, positions needed most, etc should all be considered. But this is not enough.

Companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google are trying to determine the recruitment process in their own terms, each of them has its own method. The race of hiring the right people for the right positions is at the top speed.

The key to the success at this point is to find out what works best for a company. Every organization is unique and specific. Its culture, environment and conditions are differentiated from others. A company might use some pre-prepared, ready-to-use systems; but at the end of the day, these systems should be customized according to its unique processes and management practices of a company. For this reason, looking at the big picture and considering daily flow are very important. One’s best solution might be other’s nightmare.

Until next time...

HR Coffee Time 


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